APC Locking IEC Power Cords and Receptacles 6-Pack




APC PDUNext Generation Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) with Locking IEC Receptacles
New Locking IEC system allows the use of optional locking IEC power cords for added power cord security and enhanced reliability.
Free up space and eliminate the need for cumbersome cord retention solutions with these simple easy-to-use locking IEC receptacles.

APC Locking IEC Power Cords

•Universal fit in any IEC receptacles; locking feature enabled when used with AP8000 series Rack PDUs
•Exclusive, easy-to-use, space saving cord retention method
•Output jumpers in multiple lengths
•C13 – C14 and C19 – C20 options, straight or right angle
•Multi-region approved with UL, CSA, VDE, PSE, CCC, KEMA
•Regional input cords including NEMA 5-15P, 5-20P, L5-20P, L6-20P, IEC-309 16A, SHUKO, BS1363A, Australia, China, and re-wireable

What you need to know about Locking IEC Power Cords and Receptacles….
Are the locking cords compatible with non-locking receptacles?
• Yes, the locking cords are compatible, although the locking feature will not engage upon connection.
Is there a special tool required to remove the cords from locking receptacles?
• No tools are required to disengage the locking feature and remove the plug from the locking receptacle.
Does this locking IEC system increase cost or lead time of orders?
• No, this new locking IEC system is standard in all the AP8000 series Next Generation Rack PDUs
Is the locking feature compatible with other Rack PDUs?
• The locking feature is an exclusive feature to APC Next Generation Rack PDUs

Download APC Locking IEC Power Cords Brochure

APC Locking Power Cords options

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4 × 3 in

2', 4', 6'

PDU Input

C14 (Straight), C14 (3 Right, 3 Left), C20 (Straight), C20 (3 Right, 3 Left)

Server Input

C13, C19