Data Center Device (Server, Rack, Battery, etc) Lift Systems

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The Right Tool for Moving Data Center IT Equipment

Moving IT equipment in a data center requires purpose-built tools reduce or eliminate injuries and damage to equipment.  The tools must be designed specifically to handle the data center workspace: narrow aisles, tight turns, rack height accommodation, single-person operation, etc.

Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift Systems
Good: Manual Operation, Medium weight capacity, basic control
Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift Systems
Better: Powered Operation, Medium weight capacity, precise control
Data Center Equipment (Server, Rack, Battery) Lift Systems
Best: Powered Operation, Heavy weight capacity, micro-precise control

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Some features in considering the right tool:
  • Certified for use in data centers
  • Designed specifically to move data center IT equipment
  • Ambidextrous operation from multiple operator positions
  • Rigid and stable platform
  • Overhead safety to prevent overhead damage to the facility
  • Ability to secure equipment to the device platform
  • Precision up/down movement
  • Bi-directional sliding tray
  • Full height allowance for full range of data center cabinet
  • Braking system to prevent movement during lifting and installation
  • Casters/wheels to allow movement without damaging data center floor
  • Proper load capacity for devices being moved
  • Lifting speed
  • Manual vs electric lift

10 Things To Know Before Buying A Data Center Lift System

Additional Options for Data Center Lift Systems (separate charges apply):
  • Lift Extension Accessory: addresses the issue of lifting heavy IT equipment out of boxes.
  • Rail Lift Accessory: helps you quickly and accurately lower equipment into slotted rails.
  • Extended Service and Warranty
  • Special Additional Shipping/Handling Services:
    • Inside Delivery
    • Unpacking
    • Floor Covering
    • Lift Gate