Polargy Frost-Byte Raised Floor Fan Tile with Temperature Sensor and Aluminum Grate

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Frost-Byte ‘air-mover’ fan tiles have three important applications: 1) providing active airflow management for thermal safety in response to CRAC lineup changes and failures, 2) everyday air balancing in contained zones, especially fully contained cold aisles, and 3) eliminating hot spots associated with high-density racks.

When the CRAC lineup changes or a CRAC fails, risk of local or widespread thermal hazard spikes. Sensor-controlled fan tiles adjust airflow in real time to prevent incident. With aisle containment, a data center is divided into zones that require air flow balancing as demand and supply change. Frost-Byte achieves air balance by adjusting fan speed to increase or decrease air flow to the aisle as temperature increases or decreases. This action also eliminates hot spots by matching air flow to server demand, reducing server temperatures for one to three racks.

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Weight16 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 5 in


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