HotLok Full Rack Blanking Panel Kit




Designed to seal up to 42U of opening in the server rack, the Full Rack Blanking Panel Kit greatly reduces bypass airflow by eliminating the gaps in the server rack and creating a contained server rack environment. This sealing solution increases usable cooling unit capacity, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling infrastructure.


  • Multiple U sizes (1U and 2U blanking panels; 3U, 9U and 12U blanking sheets) for a more flexible, reconfigurable blanking system
  • Two Kits – The 42U Kit of blanking space includes HotLok Blanking Panels or the 36U Kit of blanking space that does NOT include HotLok Blanking Panels
  • Adapts to existing HotLok Blanking Panels through the use of an engineered mechanical clip
  • Engineered mechanical clip design allows for a quick and simple installation
  • Can be re-used and re-configured as necessary
  • Utilizes ABS sheets that do not sag or require attachment to the rails (used for larger blanking areas)


  • Lower cost solution for filling a higher number of missing U space
  • Eliminates re-circulation inside the cabinet and “hot spots” at equipment intakes due to re-circulation
  • Compliments and enhances the performance of existing blanking panels in the server rack
  • Supports equipment cabinet best practices of isolating exhaust air at the back of the cabinet
  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Supports increasing rack and density
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity

42U Kit Contents (Product 10143):

  • 4 1U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 1 2U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 1 3U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 1 9U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 2 12U HotLok Blanking Sheet
  • 8 HotLok Clips

36U Kit Contents (Product 10144):
Note: The 36U Kit does not include HotLok Blanking Panels.

  • 1 3U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 1 9U HotLok Blanking Panels
  • 2 12U HotLok Blanking Sheet
  • 8 HotLok Clips

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42U, 36U (No Blanking Panels)