PTS Aurora High Resolution Temperature Sensing Strips




Quickly and easily identify temperature status and potential issues from across the data center. The patent pending Aurora High Resolution Temperature Sensing Strips offer the appearance of a live CFD on the doors of your server cabinets. No need to read a temperature display or gauge at close range because the Aurora allows you to vividly see your cooling status. Aurora goes beyond seeing; through the use of an optional wireless communication system the Aurora can be integrated into a BMS or DCIM solution. With Aurora you can be assured that potential cooling issues will not go unnoticed.

  • PTS Aurora Brochure Cover8 temperature sensors are spaced 8” apart offering ample coverage for traditional cabinet doors or open frame racks.
  • Sensors start 4.5” from bottom of unit and end at 60.5”.
  • Temperature sensors are thermally isolated to read air temperature and not the mounting surface or internal circuitry temperature, ensuring accurate air temperature readings.
  • 64 color-changing LED lights represent temperature readings through a broad spectrum of 129 colors.
  • 3 user-selectable temperature sensitivity ranges that allow the Aurora to be used in a wide variety of customer environments.
  • Adjacent color gradients are smoothed between varying temperature sensors readings.
  • Physical Dimensions: 1.75”W x 69.38”L x 0.45”T
  • Auto-Switching Power Supply for 100V-240V operation.
  • Select 5-15P Input cord for 100-120V operation or C14 Input cord for 200-240V operation.
  • Electrical Load: Approximately 15W
  • Optional wireless communications.

Temperature Performance:

  • Lateral viewing angle 170 degrees
  • Air temperature accuracy: +/- 1 deg C
  • Low Temperature Sensitivity Range (50 – 75 deg F) for data centers or IT spaces with low cold-aisle temperature set-points
  • Middle (Default)Temperature Sensitivity Range (65 – 90 deg F) for data centers with temperature ranges that closely match the ASHRAE range of acceptable inlet temperatures
  • High Temperature Sensitivity Range (70 – 95 deg F) for energy efficient data centers that use higher inlet temperature settings

PTS Aurora Temperature Guide

Download PTS/Aurora Datasheet (PDF)

Please Note: If you already have a PTS/Aurora Temperate Sensing Strip (without the RF Module) installed at your site, please consider the standalone RF Module upgrade.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions70 × 5 × 5 in
RF Module

Without RF Module, With RF Module